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Shape Size Cut Color Clarity Lab Price
Round 4.19 Excellent E VVS2 GIA $314,250
Round 4.01 Excellent D VVS2 GIA $334,915
Radiant 0.38 N/A None SI2 GIA $342,205
Round 3.90 Excellent D IF GIA $343,980
Round 3.04 Excellent D VVS1 GIA $344,724
Round 3.19 Excellent D IF GIA $349,260
Cushion 3.94 N/A None VS1 GIA $370,596
Round 3.05 Excellent D FL GIA $380,951
Cushion 2.27 N/A None VS2 GIA $386,127
Emerald 4.06 N/A None VS2 GIA $389,760
Round 4.71 Excellent D VVS1 GIA $389,818
Oval 5.00 N/A F VS1 GIA $398,840
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